James Cufaude

artist and art teacher

I am a seascape, landscape and portrait artist and art teacher based in Northampton, United Kingdom. Having drawn portraits for many years and more recently painted some watercolour portraits this is where I have greater experience. I have recently found myself passionate towards seascape and landscape painting and this is a direction which I am currently exploring in my art practice.

I work predominantly in watercolour which I began using in November 2017. I also have experience in using graphite/pencil, acrylics and water-mixable oils and more recently oil pastel.


I teach art to adults aged 16 plus, this also includes one-to-one lessons. I teach in the following mediums:

  • Graphite/pencil drawing

  • Watercolours

  • Water-mixable oils

  • Oil Pastel

I also cover topics​ such as colour theory/mixing and perspective.

One-to-one lessons are

If you are interested in having one-to-one lessons with me, send me a message using the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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